Helpdesk will be made in colleges for suicide prevention


Helpdesks have to be set up in colleges to save students from suicide. Psychologists at Agra College and Baikunthi Devi Girls College elaborated about the necessity of a helpdesk on Saturday, World Suicide Prevention Day. Under the Jaan Hai Jahan Hai program, the establishment of help desks in both the colleges was announced.

Dr. Piyush Jain, the nodal officer for non-communicable diseases, said that non-communicable diseases are also becoming a cause of concern now. The statistics of suicide are increasing continuously. That is why the exercise of starting a helpline number under the Jaan Hai Jahan Hai program is going on in the state. Under this helpdesks are being set up at Agra College and Baikunthi Devi Girls College. Students will be able to tell their problems to the experts when there is tension, or when any kind of negative thoughts dominate their mind. Based on this, they will be screened and treated. Dr. Vishal Sinha, Head of Psychiatry Department at SNMC said that according to the data of National Crime Control Bureau (NCRB), more cases of suicide have been found in youth, adolescents. Having a helpdesk in colleges will remove negative thoughts.

Dr. Dinesh Rathore, Superintendent of Mental Hospital, Dr. Anurag Shukla, Principal of Agra College, Dr. Poonam Singh, Principal of Baikunthi College, Dr. Amita Nigam, Head of Psychology, Dr. Amit Agarwal, Dr. Rachna Singh, student Shruti, student Rahul are present as mental counsellor.

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