Getting fat during Quarantine add this Jeera-Ginger tea your morning


New Delhi March 30, 2020: Everyone gets restless during this Quarantine phase and gets fatty due to lying in bed all the time, so let’s add this Jeera-Ginger tea in your morning so you won’t get the extra kilos and reduce the previous belly fat too.

It is the time when gaining few kilos is inevitable. Hence, it is advised to do some free-hand exercises at home and keep a check on diet. Here we bring you a drink that might help you lose those extra kilos. It is a simple jeera-ginger drink, which can be made with some simple ingredients you have in the kitchen.

Jeera is low in calorie and is known to promote good metabolism, which accelerate the fat burning process. It also helps to get relief from several gut-related issues, like bloating, indigestion, acidity.

Ginger on the other hand, is known for boosting immunity, which helps a person to fight against seasonal cold and flu. Gingerol – an important compound in ginger pumps in a host of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that helps in shedding those extra kilos.


Water – one glass

Jeera (Cumin) – one teaspoon

Ginger – one teaspoon (grated)

Lemon – half

Honey – two teaspoons

Black salt – half teaspoon


Take the water in a sauce pan.

Boil well with jeera and ginger.

Strain it in a glass. Cool it down.

Squeeze the lemon, add honey and black salt and stir.

And your jeera-ginger drink is ready!


You can add some ice if you want it really chilled.

You can also add some green tea. All you need to do is- switch off the flame after boiling jeera and ginger in water; add one-and-half teaspoon of green tea and infuse for three to four minutes; strain it in a cup; add lemon juice & honey and serve.

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