Feeling overwhelmed with joy and love for my son : Sumeet Vyas


On June 4, actors Sumeet Vyas and Ekta Kaul became parents to a baby boy. Vyas announced on Instagram that they had named him Ved. The new dad says he is feeling overwhelmed with love and joy. He adds, “It’s only been a few days so we are also getting into the rhythm of things. We got back home yesterday and are settling in. Right now, we are in the phase where we have sleepless nights and being on dad duty as he demands a lot of attention. Ekta hasn’t been able to sleep properly and sleep when she can in the day.”

The Tripling actor reveals that from the feeling of would-be dad to actually becoming one and holding your baby in your arms is totally different. “You see people obsessing over their kids and you think you won’t behave in the same manner. But ever since, I’ve held my son, I am obsessing over him. You stop caring about what people think (about your behaviour) and are simply too engrossed with your child. You are so enamoured by your child that it is impossible not to fall in love with him,” he says.

Vyas shares that he is thankful that they could have the delivery at his aunt’s maternity home, where they were the only patients, so there was no “cause for concern regarding Covid-19”. “My aunt was so sweet and even arranged home-cooked food while we were in the maternity home. It turned out to be a great decision and a blessing,” he says, adding that the lockdown gave him a chance to spend quality time with his wife during the last trimester, which might not have happened otherwise as he would have been working or shooting. “The lockdown has made me appreciate and reflect on life and things we take for granted. There is a lot of gratitude for all that we have. Now, I will have quality time with my child too,” he signs off.

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