Failed quarantine Haircuts!


Barbers and hairdressers in Delhi-NCR are dealing with a lot of shoddy haircuts after the opening of their salons, as people who failed in their attempts to style their own hair are now heading to parlours to set things straight.

Salim Zubair, a hairdresser at a leading salon in Noida, says that sometimes, he is unable to control his laughter looking at some of his clients’ quarantine haircuts. “A gentleman came with his wife to get his hair fixed. The moment he took off his cap, I was shocked to see what he had done with his hair. It was completely messy with the trimmer unevenly moved on his crown. It took me an hour to fix it,” he quips.

“I had a client who visited me with messy bangs which she chopped unevenly, and the only way to fix it was to give her a new haircut. I was wondering how she managed with those funny bangs in the lockdown. There was another client who had mercilessly removed his sideburns and his hair looked no less than a wig. We have been seeing a lot of such cases recently,” shares Vishal Sharma, who owns a unisex salon.

If you still can’t visit a salon but want those tresses in place, there are some quick fixes that can save the day. Makeup artist and hairdresser Naina Arora suggests, “Try some new hair styling products and experiment with different ways of tying your hair if you have got an uneven haircut. Girls can also accessorise their hair with some clips to keep the focus on that and guys can use a bandana to camouflage the haircut mishap.”

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