Dr. Vikas Jain Of Gondia Set A New Record After Successful Operation Of 5.6 Kg Tumor Health


New Delhi March 5, 2020 : It is said that doctors are not inferior to any God and Dr. Vikas Ajit Jain has shown such a great miracle again. Dr. Vikas has an award in the Limca Book of Records for removing 1.05 kg urinary bladder stone, he has now got another world record. He has successfully treated an old woman and donated her a new life, due to which her name has been recorded in the India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records. Significantly, the India Book of Records is a book to record many records at various stars including adventure, cultural skills, written in Hindi. This book is registered by the Government of India and contains the International Protocol of Compilation for Asia Book of Records Records (IPRS) are followed.

According to the information, on 24 July, a young man from village Kode Lohra of Tiroda tehsil came to Dr. Vikas for investigation with his mother Satyabhama Uike. Uike had brought his mother Satyabhama back from Nagpur. The doctors refused to perform the operation while on the other hand Uike’s financial condition was not good. He could not get treatment in big and expensive hospitals. Satyabhama had breast tumor for 20 years. Before the operation, his tumor had started to get pus, life was at risk, then the poor financial condition of Uike family and Dr. Vikas tried on the family’s request for the operation of Satyabhama who had reached the moribund condition and on 25th July almost Operated for two and a half hours. This led to the successful operation of Dr. Vikas, the world’s largest 5.6 kg tumor, after which Satyabhama is completely healthy.

Satyabhama’s family had lost all hope of her well being, but due to Dr. Vikas she was able to get rid of a huge 5.6 kg tumor and now, Satyabhama is perfectly healthy and enjoys her new life with her loved ones Has been She would like to thank Dr. Vikas for helping her.

Dr. Vikas said “the woman needed to do the operation immediately and due to my past experiences I was able to do her operation without any trouble”. Prior to this operation, Dr. Vikas operated 1.05 kg of urinary bladder stone and registered his name in Limca Book of Records and Asia Book of Records.

Dr. Vikas Ajit Kumar Jain would like to thank the India Book of Records for giving this honor.

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