Detox smokers lungs naturally


Lungs are most important part of our respiratory system which helps in inhalation of oxygen and exhalation of carbon dioxide from our body and second, it’s helps to circulate oxygenated blood through all the body. Those who smoke they are surprise to know when they smoke a puff of a cigarette it contains 7000 chemicals in which 70 chemicals are so harmful that they  damage our cells and those who smoke has 15% to 20% more chances to have cancer as compare to normal person.

The Tobacco in cigarette contains large amount of carbon monoxide which is very harmful gas that mixed into our blood through smoking and flows throughout whole the body. By which it badly effect on lungs as well as kidney, liver, heart, hair, nails, and skin  and yes the heart rate or blood pressure never comes to normal.

Smoking is an addiction which contains nicotine which goes to your brain and releases dopamine ( Happy hormone) because of which you feel very calm and relaxed but problem is that your brain tolerance increases for nicotine which creates eagerness or willingness to take 1 or more cigarettes and you get addicted.

But it is possible to quit smoking completely which I will tell ahead but before that I will share 2 drinks which detox your lungs

  1. You need one lemon, Ginger, mint and bitter gourd for making drink you have to take 2 liters of water then add two slices of lemon some mint bitter groud and grind ginger and then keep into refrigerator for 5 to 6 hours.
  2. For second one you need onion, ginger, turmeric and honey. To make this add half chopped onion in one glass of water then add turmeric and ginger powder and last for taste add honey.

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