Deepika Padukone has been encouraging conversation around mental health


Actor Deepika Padukone in a tweet clarified that there is a difference between ‘sadness’ and ‘depression’, saying that the two are not the same thing. Conversations around depression have reignited after the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who was reportedly struggling with the illness.

“Repeat After Me. Depression is not the same as sadness,” Deepika wrote in a tweet. She added, “Repeat After Me. Feeling depressed is not the same as feeling sad.”

Deepika has been a vocal advocate for mental health awareness, and also founded an organisation to help those struggling with the illness. After Sushant’s suicide, Deepika had written on social media, “As a person who has had a lived experience with mental illness, I cannot stress enough about the importance of reaching out. Talk.Communicate.Express.Seek help. Remember, You are not alone. We are in this together. And most importantly, there is Hope.” She had also urged the media to report news of suicide with sensitivity.

Later, she had said that while she’s encouraged to see the conversation around mental health being brought to the forefront, she’d like to urge people to not disclose details of the medication they’re taking. “It is extremely heartening to see soo many of you coming out and sharing your experience with mental illness,” she’d written in a tweet, adding, “However,I would recommend not naming the medication you are on and/or the specifics of the dosage.Simply because: -it is not a one rule fits all. – the information could potentially be misused.”

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