Center issued advisory to avoid Tomato Flu, know some important things related to caution


In recent times, the danger of tomato flu is increasing continuously. According to the statistics, this disease is taking maximum number of children in its grip. A high alert of Tomato Flu has been issued across the country, in which parents have been given special instructions to protect their children from the grip of this infection. Talking about children getting infected, so far more than 82 children have become victims of tomato flu in South India, in which this number is more in Kerala, as well as in Odisha, this flu has infected more than 26 children.

Tomato Flu Symptoms and Precautions 

Tomato flu is such an infectious disease in which large blisters come out on the body. The size and colour of these boils are exactly the size of a tomato, hence the name tomato flu has been given. Most of the nursery and day care children are at risk of spreading this rapidly spreading viral infection. Let us tell you that there is no definite medicine or cure for tomato flu, but it is treated like a viral infection, such as keeping distance from everyone, cleaning the rash with warm water and consuming fluids. Also, it is advisable to stay at home for at least 7-10 days in case of tomato flu. By this time boils like tomatoes start healing on their own.

For caution, explain to children that if a child has fever or any kind of infection, keep a distance from him and especially do not hug. Apart from this, ask them to take a handkerchief and also not to put anything in the mouth and take care of cleanliness.

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