Celina Jaitly called Sushant Singh Rajput’s death a great loss to the film industry


Celina Jaitly, who recently made a successful comeback to acting with Season’s Greetings, has said that she battled depression after the death of her parents and newborn son. “Depression is an illness and it can be triggered into its worst forms by the energies that surround you,” she said, “Depression is a disease, it doesn’t choose people by their level of success or how they look or how rich or how poor they are. It can happen to anyone. It is not just a passing fancy – like people say my exam went bad and I am ‘depressed’. Depression can happen at any age to anyone, it is a clinical disease and must be treated. One must get support system and it must not be ignored.”

She called the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput a tremendous loss. Sushant died on June 14 by suicide; he was suffering from depression.

Sharing grief on the death of the actor, Celina told Hindustan Times, “It is very sad because it is such a loss of such great talent. It is such a loss of somebody’s son, somebody’s loved one, someone’s brother and it’s a great loss to a film industry. A great talent who probably in the future would have won India’s first Oscar (as best actor), you never know. We will never get to know what capabilities someone like Sushant would have brought to the table.”

Celina says it was the support of her husband and doctors that helped her get through it. “I was surrounded by people who cared about me. My husband took great care of me. I got help from doctors. I’m not over it but I’m in a much better place,” she says.

Celina is marred to Austrian entrepreneur and hotelier Peter Haag. The two are parents to eight-year-old twin boys Winston and Viraj and two-year-old son Arthur.

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