Celebs are continuing to set fashion trends while sweating out at home


Over two months into a lockdown, gym looks, which had become an intrinsic part of the paparazzi culture in Bollywood, with photographers going clickety click when celebrities would go in and out of fitness studios and the likes, can safely be called a thing of the past. Well, at least for now! But the celeb brigade has kept their workout fashion on point, even in the confines of their homes.

As social media has emerged as the sole window for them to stay connected with their fans, celebs are ensuring they mix comfort and style in a balanced way when they put out workout videos and tutorials, flaunting stylish athleisure of all kinds. 

Be it Alaya F’s neon tights or caged front sports bra, Sophie Choudry’s mix and match pastel pink crop top and printed leggings, Preity Zinta’s ripped leggings, Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s floral workout set or Alia Bhatt’s yellow crop top, Sonnalli Seygall’s soothing blue Yoga-wear, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Deepika Padukone’s classic all-black look and more, celebs are continuing to set fashion trends.

But it’s not all about looking stylish. It is also to do with feeling good.

Seygall, who has recently done a Yoga video, tells us, “With this lockdown, we are not getting any chance to dress up or go out anywhere. I am in my pyjamas all day, and my workout time is the only time when I can feel normal in terms of my clothes. So even though we are not stepping out, I still feel like wearing my nice athleisure wear.” 

Comfort is definitely one factor for her, but the actor says she also finds it motivating to wear clothes which flatter her figure — or even not. “When I work out in my sports bra and tracks and I don’t wear a T-shirt on top, I really get motivated because I can see the abs… If I’m not happy with them, I’m like ‘I have to be able to wear this’. Athleisure wear and gymwear are some of the most comfortable clothing you find, and I really don’t see a reason why they shouldn’t be the best looking ones.”

Celebrity trainer and Pilates expert Namrata Purohit also believes wearing something that makes you feel good is important during a workout session.

“This could be bright colours, prints or anything that works for you. When you’re in a positive, feel-good mood, there’s definitely more you can do even physically,” Purohit says, adding that compromising on comfort for style may lead you to an unwanted space of “adjusting your clothes or being conscious of what you are wearing” during exercise time.

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