Book Authored by Class 6 Student Enters India Book of Records


New Delhi March 27, 2020: Age is not an obstacle for Timothy Paul, an 11-year-old class 6 student from Tamil Nadu to write a book on science and technology in English. Timothy Paul’s 212-page book “A Preteen Speaks on Science and Technology” was launched formally at an event in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, on 13th January this year by Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli Director Dr. Bhimaraya Metri. India Book of Records has awarded Timothy Paul the title “Youngest Author to Write an Informative Guide for Young Scientists and Technologists” confirmed on February 8, 2020.

The book consists of 45 topics in 12 disciplines of science such as astronomy, aeronautics, automobile, atomic science, space science, thermodynamics, neuroscience and computer science.

His passion for watching YouTube videos on science and technology led him to start his own YouTube channel named Frentran on June 9, 2017 as of now he has 60 videos, 1046 views and 436 subscribers. All the recording, editing, publishing were done by himself. He has acquired English language skills by watching videos in English and by reading many science books in English such as 501 Incredible Facts.  And his mother Dr.V.Lydia Arulselvi, a Veterinary Surgeon taught various scientific facts about solar family, rainbow formation, Raman effect to instill scientific temper in him.

Timothy Paul started writing a book on science and technology in Jan 2019, first by editing 20 of his videos that are now 20 topics of his book and then writing 20 new chapters from the scratch. He has written about budding technology that include cloud gaming and DNA editing and developed technology such as encryption and the workings of the aeroplane engines. Timothy Paul has devoted a large part of the book writing about computer science and technology. Some of the important topics are Artificial Intelligence, How Can We Resurrect Extinct Animals?, The Achievements of NASA and Five Alternatives to Plastic.

The uniqueness of the book is the typing of all the 212 pages of the book, choosing and fixing the 91 pictures in the contexts, providing bibliographic details for all the 68 references were done by the author himself. He has followed the APA format for references.

He secured state rank 2 in Science as well as English Language in Silverzone International Olympiads 2018 for grade 5 and state rank 1 in English Language and Science in International Olympiads 2019 for grade 6. He was one of the top 10 in India in English Communication Skills Exam conducted by TCS ION IntelliGem in Dec 2019.

From kindergarten to grade 6, he has won 85 medals and trophies (75 first-rank awards) for subject excellence and in school competitions such as English elocution, storytelling, extemporary and picture talk.

Timothy Paul, an infant computer prodigy, aspires to become a technologist and he wants to create software and hardware that can provide great help to make breakthrough in science and technology to improve the lives of millions of people.

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