Bipasha started cooking in the lockdown : Karan Singh Grover


Actor Karan Singh Grover is happy that in the two-and-a-half month long lockdown, he had his wife, Bipasha Basu Singh Grover with him. However, even in the quality time they spent together, it isn’t as if they got to know anything new about each other.

“There’s no new side we discovered. We spent a lot of time together, even when we were working, so like in my head and my heart, we are together 24/7. There’s no side to Bipasha I haven’t seen. But yes, she cooked in this lockdown, and she is awesome. She makes really yummy food, and that’s new, she enjoys it too. It works out really well for me, I must say!,” gushes the 38-year-old.  

The duo has been doing a lot of activities together, Grover informs us, “We are reading a book called Zibu, it’s the language of symbols. Then we eat and watch some stuff together. Also, we recently celebrated four years of our marriage. We have had loads of fun, and have grown a lot, both together and individually. It doesn’t feel like four years.”

India has entered the fifth phase of lockdown, effectively Unlock 1.0 as was announced recently. We ask Grover what was his first thought when it all started initially. He says it was groceries. “That’s very selfish, yes, but that’s the first thing any household would require,” he admits. 

But even this simple task has it’s own share of risks, with cases on the rise. “That’s the only reason for anyone to step out actually. And to do that right now has a tremendous amount of protocols to be followed. Whoever goes out, the family is always under such stress, it’s unhealthy. So the first thought was of supplies and essentials, if there was enough for us, mom and dad, so you can be secure, You can’t be happy with this time, we have never faced anything like this. When you know you have all the essentials, you just have to shut up and smile,” Grover signs off.

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