Big news from Uttar Pradesh, some new rules implemented

technology uttar pradesh

Let us tell you that the electricity consumers in Uttar Pradesh are going to get rid of the problem of electricity very soon electricity consumers who have to pay more electricity bills, they will now have to pay less bills, in rural areas will have to pay Rs 3 per unit electricity bill and in urban areas people will have to pay a maximum electricity bill of Rs 5.5 per unit. Which was earlier around Rs.7, Uttar Pradesh government is working to get rid of all kinds of problems related to Bijli Bill.

Earlier, the places where there was no electricity system in Uttar Pradesh are now being provided with good electricity. Cable wires are being laid at all the places where there is open wire and underground wires are being laid in urban areas and now very soon smart meters will be installed everywhere. Due to which many problems of the people will end.

The work of using 4G smart meters by the Uttar Pradesh government is in progress very soon smart meters will be used everywhere.

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