April Super Pink Moon 2020 To Be Brightest: How To Watch Celestial Event


New Delhi April 04, 2020: April will be hosting the next Supermoon of this year. Precisely on April 8 at 8:05 AM in India, the Supermoon will appear and is said to be the brightest and biggest full Moon to be spotted this year. Also, the April full Moon has been traditionally called the Pink Moon and this year, it’ll be dubbed as the Super Pink Moon.

What Is Supermoon? A Supermoon phenomenon is where the Moon’s orbit is closest to the Earth, which makes it appear much larger and brighter. Generally, the average distance between the Earth and Moon is 384,400 km. In the coming few days, the distance is going to be as close as 356,907 from our planet. CNET notes that this April Supermoon is going to be the brightest and biggest visuals of 2020. It’s also noteworthy that the most recent Supermoon appeared between March 9 to 11. It was dubbed as the Super Worm Moon.

Why Is It Called Super Pink Moon?

The answer lies with the beliefs of the native American regions and seasons. The name ‘Pink Moon’, therefore, refers to the pink flower (Phlox subulata) that blooms in spring in the east of North America and not the color of the Moon. The upcoming Supermoon is also referred to as the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and the Fish Moon, all with references to the region and the season on Earth.

Super Pink Moon 2020: How To Watch In India

As mentioned above, the time of the Supermoon is going to be in broad daylight for us in India. With many channels streaming the live appearance of the Moon online, space enthusiasts can view catch the celestial event on various online channels. Some of the sites live streaming the Super Pink Moon are Sloosh, Virtual Telescope, and a few others. The live links are expected to be announced in the coming days.

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