Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s sprawling apartment is washed in white and is a picture of simplicity and minimalism


Anushka Sharma and her cricketer husband Virat Kohli have kept their army of fans curious about the interiors of their lavish house in Mumbai. Every time they give a sneak peek into their lives during lockdown, their fans either end up marvelling at the view from their high-rise apartment or their sprawling balcony that boasts of its own share of greenery.

The whitewashed walls and furniture in light shades hint at the couple’s penchant for simplicity and minimalism but the extensive view of the Mumbai skyline and the sea makes it a piece of luxury. The apartment is reportedly built on an area of over 7,000 square feet and cost the couple Rs 34 crore a few years ago. It is located on the 35th floor of a residential building in Worli.

Anushka has done enough to draw the attention of her fans to the various “sunlit” corners of her house as she continues to share inside pictures of the apartment. Besides a few art pieces on the walls, the couple has added a fair share of greenery to the place which is adorned with several potted plants to keep them close to nature. They chose to have a lot of open space not just for themselves but for their pets too. The apartment also comes with a private gym area where Virat and Anushka often work out together.
Anushka and Virat, who often spend time away from each other due to the demands of their profession, spent more than two months at their home for the first time due to lockdown. Anushka herself shared how just sipping a cup of coffee in her balcony was a memory to cherish. She shared a few pictures on Instagram and wrote, “And just like that a coffee under the setting sun on the balcony of our home became a memory to hold. Captured by my beloved.”

Anushka had once said that staying at home with Virat feels like a vacation to her. She had told Elle magazine in 2018, “Marriage doesn’t feel different. Virat and I have been working around the clock, we hardly spend time together, we both have very hectic lives. So, we are living in a house and we have spent barely any time in it. For us, home is, like, wow! It’s a vacation.”

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