Animal lovers stood for the voiceless


The Apex Tower and Ceyane Tower which commonly referred to as the Noida Supertech Twin Towers, were incomplete residential buildings in Sector-93A, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. The towers were part of real estate company Supertech Limited’s Emerald Court residential complex. The Supreme Court of India upheld the original decision by the Allahabad High Court and ordered the buildings’ demolition on 31 August, 2021. They are the tallest structures in India to be voluntarily demolished.

Many stood witnesss to the event as observers.They were small hoomans who took upon themselves to act as saviour for the stray animal and helped them a bit the voiceless around the area.The stray saviour deserves to be appriciated for their work.Neha Choudhary said that they have a team of 8 to 10 people with four ambulances,the rescued 16 to 20 dogs.Her team rescued dogs within 500m of the tower and took them to local shelter.Some dogs didn’t come outside in the morning time because of heat.After the space was fulled , they send another van to rescue dogs.They even helped NGO’s feeders in the area. She also added that it was hectic for them as authorities had already sealed and because of that they couldn’t check if any animal still there.

Dog feeders in the area also felt happy that someone helped the voiceless animals.They managed to help more than 45 dogs and the organization did it for animals without any financial assistance.The saviour believes that every life matters and as saviour they stood by for voiceless animals. Neha was really thankful for her team.These dogs have been sent there where they they came from safely.

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