Amazing view of the greatest super pink moon from the world


New Delhi April 09, 2020: The world witnessed the aesthetic beauty of the Super Pink Moon. The celestial figure, due to its increased proximity with the Earth, appeared in its brightest and biggest form for the year 2020.

When closest to the Earth, the Moon is at a distance of 3,63,100 km from our planet, which is almost 21,000 km closer than the average. Whenever the full moon nears this point, referred to as the ‘perigee’, it is called a ‘supermoon’. Supermoons typically appear around 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than usual.

According to NASA, the moon will appear full for about three days, until Thursday, April 9. Therefore, if you missed our natural satellite’s beauty yesterday, worry not, as you can still gawk at its magical beauty for two more nights.

Just as well, here are some mesmerizing photos of the Pink Super Moon, captured from India and around the the world.

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