Akshay says about his recent films which are not working;Swara says we are storytellers and should tell in honest way


Swara Bhasker has growing list of film industry personalities who’ve commented on the recent performance of Hindi films at the box office. While she believes that one cannot write off an entire industry so easily. The actor specifically opened up about colleague and Bollywood star Akshay Kumar‘s films. The actor said that while she does not belong to or even agree with Akshay’s school of thought as far as filmmaking is concerned, she surely doesn’t want his films to do poorly.

The actor says “We are storytellers and should tell stories in an honest way. I think Bollywood should not make itself a platform for propaganda. Having said that Bollywood is not one tangible, homogenous entity and there could never be one voice coming out of the industry. And that’s the beauty of it.I don’t agree with Akshay Kumar because of the kind of films he supports but that doesn’t mean I want his films to flop or that he shouldn’t release his films.”

Akshay said, “If my films are not working, it is our fault, it is my fault. I have to make the changes, I have to understand what the audience wants. I want to make changes, I want to dismantle my way of working and think what kind of films I should be doing. Nobody else is to be blamed but me.”Akshay Kumar has Oh My God 2, Ram Setu and Selfiee in the pipeline whereas Swara was last seen in Jahaan Chaar Yaar.

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