Akshay Kumar works in Tamil’s film remake

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Akshay kumar worked in a tamil’s film remake.He was playing an aspiring film maker and ends up becoming a cop.A serial killer kidnapping girls and brutally murdering them.A maths teacher became the obvious suspect.A female SHO leading the case.That sums up with the Akshay’s latest OTT that is cuttputli that is a remake of tamil film Ratsasan in 2018.The film was directed by Ranjit Tiwari.Cuttputli is shooted in small hill station of kasauli.

In kasauli,there were many teenage girls missing on rise.Police is clueless about the track to the kidnappers who were kidnapping teenage girls.Arjan Sethi (Akshay kumar) who is obsessed with the stories of serial killers and has written the sript. Hrishitaa Bhatt whose husband is also a cop.Arjan is instantly working on the case.Cuttputli is a thriller that will not let any one blink their eyes even for once.Cuttputli Is quite predictable and it’s the screen play and the narrative unfolds for an interesting watch.

In cuttputlli, Akshay is far more restrained understated.They haven’t seen Akshay in police uniform, he brings sense of urgency and helplessness.He found himself trying hard in some of tge scenes of the film.Sargun Mehta is quite convincing senior cop and her expression, body language were perfect.In murder mystery’s climax is important but in cuttputlli, killer is so rushed and doesn’t give any breathing space to the villian to explain his actions.

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