After humans, now these innocent animals are battling with a dangerous virus, the situation is serious


Lumpy skin disease is a viral disease that affects cattle. It is transmitted by blood-feeding insects, such as certain species of flies and mosquitoes, or ticks. It causes fever, nodules on the skin and can also lead to death, thousands of cattle have come under the grip of this deadly virus. According to the government report, more than 50 thousand cows and buffaloes have died due to this virus. The havoc of this virus is being seen the most in Rajasthan. To prevent this, many necessary steps are being taken by the government. The Lumpy virus is also being seen in Delhi. Delhi government minister Gopal Rai said that 173 cases of skin disease in cattle were reported in Delhi, most of the cases are from South and West Delhi districts. At the same time, while giving information, he said that segregation wards are being set up in Rewala Khanpur of South-West Delhi to keep stray animals suffering from lumpy skin disease. The main symptoms of lumpy skin disease are fever, weight loss, watery eyes, drooling, rash on the body, less milk and loss of appetite.

To prevent this, care has to be taken that the infected animal is kept separately. Also, this virus can be prevented by cleaning the tabla, spraying it to drive away mosquitoes. Also, get the infected animal got the gout pox vaccine and the animals can be given medicine on the advice of the doctor.

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