Actor Arshad Warsi says that technology came to his aid, because of which he was able to do some work even in the lockdown


While there’s relief from lockdown mode now, actor Arshad Warsi is sort of thankful for the last three months that he got to spend at home. Why? He says the best thing that happened to him in the lockdown, was getting to spend time with his kids, son Zeke (15) and daughter Zene (13). Hence, he was ‘fine’ with the situation.

“I actually kind of enjoyed staying at home. I was busy with my kids and spent quality time with them. They’re right at the age when you want to spend time with them, and very soon they’ll have their own life and won’t need me around,” says the actor, who also spent time painting. 

“Then I was also reading scripts on a regular basis. The technology is so good, nothing has stopped. Everything was pretty much planned for once the lockdown got over,” he adds.

While Unlock 1.0 is underway, many actors have claimed that the lockdown was actually the time when they got a break from their hectic lives. For Warsi, however, he has always ensured that he maintains a balance between work and home.

He says, “I’m not a workaholic, I’m only crazy when I’m on set, and work like a mad person. I do take offs, and don’t work all the time. I like my space, and take holidays with kids. I don’t stress or burden myself with work, and even go on bike rides.” 

The one thing, however, which the actor rues is he couldn’t gorge on the delicious food his wife, chef Maria Goretti, whips up. He reveals that she was super busy throughout.

“Her Instagram went crazy, people follow her recipes as she shows them very easy, do-able bread and cakes. Unfortunately, I’m on a diet, I had said initially ‘let me utilise this time, I need to go on a diet’ so I’ve been off food. My kids are having a blast. When I go off diet, maybe I’ll also start enjoying,” he quips.

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