A step Towards Humanity: Aniket Dey donates 2 Lakhs in PM Cares fund with MP Manoj Tiwari


New Delhi: Aniket Dey with MP Manoj Tiwari donates an amount of 2 Lakh Rupees to PM Cares. Aniket Dey, is also extending help to Northern States with SPUNER of Delhi Police, with serving more than 500 families in NCR regions. Dey has also contributed and extended help towards helping migrants to reach there bus departure points, multiple people to Railway Stations & Airports. Dey, has been donating Face Mask to Delhi Police, Noida Police, SPUNER Delhi Police, CISF Delhi Airport and BJP Noida. With due course of time, Dey has tried to reach multiple students and poor people to help them with their basic needs. He has been much active with his team; Ritesh Segu, Syed Mateen, Partho Bhattacharya, Jaswinder Singh Sahota, Shiva Mudigere, Debdut Das and many other highly experienced professionals across India to help people in this time of emergency. Dey, has also contributed the Gautam Gambhir Foundation and independently donated towards the PM Cares Fund with approximate 7.50 Lakh Rupees. Dey and his team looks forward for doing more good work for their fellow people!

Bills Foundation in collaboration with Office of Aniket Dey, brings healthcare to your doorstep for FREE!
Your emergency is our priority.
A thought process to serve more people across the country Aniket Dey, with a delegate team of doctors and medical professionals coming up to serve and help people in this time of emergency.

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