A 16 year old Guitarist Nishma Amin Ali books her space in the India Book of Records


New Delhi March 27, 2020: A 16 year old girl Nishma Amin Ali books her space in the India Book of Records because of her wonderful talent of playing guitar Nishma’s interest in music sparked at an early age. In 2015, she started taking professional training in guitar and in 2019 she completed her grade 8 in electric guitar in Rock school, which is the final level in any musical instrument. 

Moreover, she is also going to appear for her grade 8 electric guitar exam in Trinity. She got the opportunity to perform at various events at her school and at other places. Other major events where she took part was at the Youth Awards in Mumbai, Regional Jubilee Arts, National Jubilee Arts, Rockschool High Achievers Concert in Bangalore. 

Her major achievements include being the South India topper in grade 7 as well as grade 8 in electric guitar, being the regional winner in Jubilee Arts in southern India. At the age of 16, she set the record of being the youngest female guitarist in India, for which she was mentioned by the India Book of Records. She also received the title of ‘Grand Master’ from the Asia Book of Records. She has cleared her music examinations by playing songs composed in various genres. Nishma has also started her journey in bass guitar and will soon start appearing for bass guitar examinations as well.

She also wants to thank India book of records for providing an amazing platform to her.

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