9 Tips To Start You Digital Marketing Career


New Delhi : 22 june 2020 : Due to shot up Internet usage, the Digital Marketing Business is on a boom these days. Almost everyone is online, surfing the Internet today. The amazing part is that even our elders, who knew zero of Online or Internet, are now easily found shopping online or random googling stuff. The change has been drastic in the last decade with easy and affordable Internet usage plans and invent of smart phones, which complement the Internet, placing almost the World in your palms.

Digital Marketing isn’t different from the old fashioned or clichéd offline marketing. It is also about hype, it is also about branding, it is also about reaching your correct TG, but the advantage of Digital Marketing is that it is super-fast and much cost effective. It is also Geo-friendly and hence one can specifically choose a location and sector of audience or customers to reach out to. You don’t need Brand ambassadors for your Online Business, perhaps you become one for your business, with the buzz you can create online, much-much quicker than the offline businesses. The best part is, you can make your sales, sitting in your chairs and make customers, while they shop from home and needn’t even come to your place, office for the product, isn’t it powerful indeed?

Today is a great time to invest into the Digital World and get online with your business or perhaps make Digital Marketing your business, wherein you can bring in people online with your expertise and get paid for your skills and ideas. It is creative and has lucrative money. Today, with the Digital Economy growing manifold. If studies are to be believed, today, approximately 72 percent employed persons in United States alone are working in the Digital Marketing sector, which proves how it is becoming a game changer, day by day.

So, what is the wait for?  You want to be a Digital Marketer? Or wanna take your business online? Follow the tips below for a brief learning before you hit the bull’s eye.

​1) Willingness and Zeal to discover new.

The Willingness to discover the new is the first key step if you want to take your business online or become a Digital Marketer. Due to fast changing trends and Digital Media growing at superman’s speed, the trade requires you to have patience and willingness to jump into the new and learn all about it, before you start

2) Staying Up to date

Like in any business, Digital Marketing requires you to stay updated with the trends and the evolution of the platform, almost every minute. Today Only Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google aren’t just the key players but many such big apps and platforms which are built for business success and focus on the same, for example Linkedin, which is purely for ease of Business. Hence, one needs to stay tuned to the ever-changing policies, algorithms and layouts of the existing platforms within Digital Media as well as keep a sharp eye on the new products/apps/platforms etc. which can be game changer.

Listing a few recommendations on websites to get started with-

SEO –­­­­ Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, Neil Patel

Social Media – Social Media Examiner, Social Media Today

Content – Hubspot, MOZ

PPC – PPC Hub Bub PPC Hero, Search Engine Land 

3) Network.

Network, the word itself says it all. Stay well connected with the right people in the trade. In Digital Marketing, the smallest of smallest and biggest of the biggest links are useful enough. Sometimes your friend, which you might have not met for ages and just come across one day, randomly, might leave an important tip that might be gold for you and sometimes the who’s who of the Digital Marketing might fail all your studies and researches about them and their flourishing business and their ways. So, it all depends on how well you stay connected with people online and offline and how and what you communicate with them. Online, there are many forums and experts which are there to help all your queries and even many tutorials that you can find on YouTube and other sites. Offline, you can stay connected with the skilled people to know more about Digital Marketing and it’s nitty gritties. Do check for and go to the common Conferences that are regularly organized by sects and groups, which becomes a good platform to meet and keep up with the learned people in this trade.

4) Your own Projects.

Don’t rely just on the studies and theories and rather get into practicalities. So, take up your own projects and start working upon them and finish them with best possible knowledge. There are many loopholes in this industry and which leads to failures when you try your personal projects, but only once you take up the projects, will you know them and get rid of troubles and rather enjoy troubleshooting them, increasing your skill and confidence level.

5) Getting hands on with ‘Terminology’

There are endless Terminologies and almost every day a new one is conceived. As a Digital Marketer, one must be handy with the common ones like SEO, SEM, PPC etc. while not just being restricted and knowing as many as possible. Once you would know the basics, you will achieve the difficult. Terminologies are the basics in Digital Marketing and define your skill set. So, you must easily know what does SEO stand for and how it works when in it is compared to SMO etc. Yes, it is difficult but never impossible. Study hard on it with interest and it will pay back practically.

6) Personal Branding.

Imagine you are taking up a project for Digital Marketing of a Company or an individual, but just because your visibility is minimal, online, you lose on it. So, practice what you preach. Better build your own Digital Platforms before you step in to the Digital World, if you want to become a Digital Marketer and promote other people’s businesses in the Digital World and take care of their online branding and image. Remember, first impression is the last one. Yes, it is cliched but still that is how it works in the Digital World.

7) Do it yourself first.

If you are a Digital Marketer, no doubt you can hire a great team that can take care of your clients’ work and bring in success but, you need to know it all and must be ready to do all the stuff yourself if need be, which always gives you and upper edge in times of crisis management. Also, you need to be in the driving seats and not your employees, so, better communicate your ideas and the way you want them to be implemented and not wait for them to command you, because you lack the technical knowledge. Hence, getting technically strong and knowing one step further than your employee and employer is the best way forward. Yes, you cannot do it all yourself and should never do it, instead believe in the phrase- “Teamwork makes the Dreamwork.” But when the times comes, you need to know and prove or rather manage the time where it becomes justified, who is the real Digital Marketer.

8) Metric is everything.

Well, metrics do the talking and not your blabber in your business meetings ot Job Interviews, as a Digital Marketer, for example, knowing your CPC from your CPA? You must know what will eventually work to bring in business, profitability and image building for the client at the best cost. And this implies for your business as well. Let your statistics about each Digital Platform be clear and then do all the talking, before taking any action.

9) Being a Certified Digital Marketer is always a plus.

Having completed a certified course in Digital Media Marketing is always an add on and a plus point that you are going to have for life. However, it just doesn’t end there. Having a certificate could be a beginning of a new journey for you, but you have to stay updated with the new trends, changes and ongoing in the industry to survive well, after all, it is the survival of the fittest, as they say. So, while having a certificate is an upper edge, working practically and keeping yourself updated, what you have studied is the key to success in Digital Marketing World.

I’ve started my digital journey at the age of 20 and became the founder of Today Headline News at the age of 23. Simply follow the steps I followed and just shared with you and who knows, you might be the next Sahil Kashyap?”

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