New Delhi March 18, 2020 – Advika Pradeep Reyya is appreciated by INDIA BOOKS OF RECORD for her amazing skills of Identifying different books at the age of just 1 year and 5 months and 16 days which is just 17months baby.

“On 17th July 2017 our princess came to this world and our family got completed. By birth she is very active and responsive. Once we tried to take selfie with her and she gave such a beautiful smile that was amazing like such a small baby of 15 days can give such a big and amazing smile that has totally amazed us.

After that she was very young only 9 months and she shared liking books she use to know how to hold the books in right way pointing out the things on book  so we bought different names of books (Wild Animals, Baby Animals, Fruits, Vegetables, Colours, Shapes, Action words and many more almost 15+ books) she liked that very much and daily she use to remove that books and keep looking at them and say something and with no time we was able to identify all the names of the books, it was very much surprising for us we were like how can she remember all the books name, looking at that we added more books to her bag  and that also she was able to identify, so came to know about this book called  INDIA BOOKS OF RECORD and they really appreciate  the people who has any extra ordinary mind or talent so we decided to share the video with the team INDIA BOOKS OF RECORD and soon we got the reply saying she is selected for her record and she got the title as ENLIGHTENED IDENTIFIER, that moment was very great for us and we felt she has made us very much proud.

We have also observed in her that whatever she see she will observe it with very much sharply and she will do the same thing without mistake. She use to make almost 20 animals sounds without mistake you tell the name of the animal and she will make the sound and she will also copy same to same steps of the songs and show us at the age of 1year. We were shock to see that like such a small kids and she remember all the steps.

She was only 19 months when she went to play school there also is very much active and whenever we meet her class teacher she says she is very much quick in learner things and good observation she has, She can say National Anthem fully without a mistake and many more such incident happens trough which she amazes us.

Hoping for her bright future and all the best for the Princess.   

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